Historical Timeline – Revolutionary War

Christ Episcopal Church History - Revolutionary War Era


The first congregants of Christ Episcopal came from Historic St. Luke's

The original Christ Episcopal Church congregants came from Historic St. Luke’s Church

1783 – With end of Revolutionary War, colonists broke with the Anglican Church of England. The new Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States issued its Book of Common Prayer in 1789 and adopted new Articles of Religion in 1801. The Historic St. Luke’s property, unlike many Episcopal Churches, were not part of Colonial government holdings but under private ownership. Therefore, the congregation could retain the land and building.

1812 – Ben Drew bought the present Christ Church land from the Smith family and built a brick Methodist Episcopal Church, the only church in the town of Smithfield, a town growing in trade and size.

1832 – Christ Episcopal Church is believed to be the oldest church building in Smithfield.


Historical Timeline of Christ Episcopal Church

1. Revolutionary War

2. Early Development

3. Civil War

4. Post-War Reconstruction

5. The Christ Episcopal Stained Glass

6. The Modern Era