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Parish Email for Palm Sunday, April 2nd

Please join us for our 10:30 Rite II Service this Sunday.  Rev. Carleton Bakkum will be with us from this Sunday through Holy Week/Easter Sunday!

The attachments for Sunday include the Wired Word, the February Vestry Retreat Minutes, and a revised Directory.

Wired Word Adult Class – 9:30 in the Library

EYC – 6:30-7:45 in the Parish Hall

Participants for this Sunday and for Maundy Thursday can be found on the back of the attached bulletin.


A reminder from Mary Cole:

A choir rehearsal for Easter Sunday Service will be held immediately after the Good Friday Noon Service.  Aaron Gregory will be here for the service and to conduct the rehearsal. Those who are able to sing in the choir on Easter Sunday, please make plans to attend the Friday rehearsal.

Thank you!

Mary, Aaron, and Tim


Order forms for Easter lilies will be on the chest in the Narthex.  Please get one if you would like to purchase a lily for Easter Sunday – this is your last chance to do it!  The lilies will be put around the Altar area, and when the service is over, PLEASE take your lily home!  Every year lilies are left and if no one wants them, they are thrown away. 


Jim and Bobbie’s information is in the directory on the back page, which is dedicated to members and friends who have moved from Smithfield.


A message from Grant Underwood:

My name is Grant Underwood.  In close partnership with Gareth Kalfas, I'm supporting Chanco to help recruit the camp staff needed to support all of this summer's ministries. 

Chanco is a shared treasure for all of Diosova, and it's in all of our interest that the camp has the staff it needs to sustain its vibrant ministries, so I'm emailing for your help. We are still in need of Counselors, Lifeguards, Waterfront/Activities staff, and Interns for this summer. 

Can you please refer a potential summer staff member at this link

If you're wondering who to refer: Chanco staff members tend to be 17-23 years old. Think of high school juniors/seniors in and around your parish; think of college students for whom a summer at Chanco could maintain a spiritual connection while away at school; think of anyone for whom it's even remotely possible that hearing from Chanco could turn out to be mutually beneficial. While we will happily recruit anyone you'd refer, please note that we have a heightened need for male counselors. 

A new hospice serving the community:

Two Rivers Hospice Office is located at 15221 Carrollton Boulevard, Suite 206 (757-745-7292).  They will serve home-based hospice care for Isle of Wight County, Surry County, and other areas within 30 miles of their office. 

They are a locally-owned medical hospice with skilled medical professionals who primarily reside in the Carrollton, Smithfield area.  They need hospice volunteers.  If you are interested, please call their office.  Their flyer is in the Parish Hall.

The Farmer’s Market starts up again this Saturday from 9:00 – Noon!

It was good to see Diane Greenhalgh at church last Sunday!  She’s doing well with just some residual pain from her hip replacement surgery.

Edith Raby is still having pain from her surgery, also.  Please keep Diane and Edith in your prayers for complete recovery.

Have a great weekend!



Vestry Retreat Minutes - February 2023

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