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Church Announcements + Dec 15th

Please join us this Sunday for our 10:30 Rite II Service (see attachments).

Adult Wired Word Class – 9:30 in the Library

EYC – 6:30 - 7:45 pm


Participants this Sunday:

Rector – Rev. Carleton Bakkum

Warden of the Day/Greeter – Doug Caskey

Usher – Fred Chapman

Lay Reader/Chalicer – Betty Dubinsky

Acolyte/Chalicer – Demere Bates

Counters – John Bates & Wayne Willis

Flower Guild – Bobbie Blesse

Altar Guild – Suzanne Peterson & Judy Cutler

Musicians – Andy Pencola, Bill Egan, & Lee Harper


Message from Annamaria Pencola:

~ Please bring food for C.O.P. THIS SUNDAY so we can deliver it for Christmas week.  Thank you!

~ Congratulations and welcome to the incoming 2023-2024 Vestry members: Terry Andrews, Bill Egan, Mike Gambacorta, and Pretlow Pacheco.

~ The final meeting of the 2022 Vestry is this Tuesday at 6PM.  Please e-mail Annamaria if you have any concerns.  THANK YOU!

~ Note from Annamaria:  To our CEC family and friends:  It has been my pleasure to serve on the Vestry from Jan. 2020 through Dec. of 2022.  Your support has been greatly appreciated.  THANK YOU!

~ Please contact me if you would like to see my decorations inside my home.  If you just want to see outside....slowly drive by and see those at 914 Wilson Road here in Smithfield. 

   (from Beth – it is well worth the trip to see both the inside and outside of Annamaria’s home.  It is beyond amazing!)

We have received $11.22 in quarterly Kroger Rewards.  Four households participated in this – thank you!

Have a great weekend!


WW for Sunday 12-18-22

12-18-22 - Prayers of the People (BCP Form III)

Bulletin-December 18, 2022

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