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CEC Announcements for the week of June 17th!

Please join us for our 10:30 Rite II service this Sunday.  Attached are the bulletin, Prayers of the People (Form I), the Wired Word, and the May Vestry Meeting Minutes.

9:30 – Wired Word Adult Class in the Library

Sunday Participants:

Priest – Rev. Carleton Bakkum

Warden of the Day – Fred Chapman

Usher – Bill Egan

Lay Reader/Chalicer – Beth Harris

Acolyte/Chalicer – John Bates

Counters – Pretlow Pacheco and Bill Egan

Flower Guild – Donna Stanton

Altar Guild – Beth Harris and Pretlow Pacheco

Organist – Aaron Gregory

Note for Chalicers:  Carleton would like for the Acolyte to offer the taller “sipping” cup and the Lay Reader to offer the shorter intinction cup.

Question:  We are praying for Peter Orsburn on our military prayer list.  If any of you asked me to put his name on that list, please let me know.  I’m wondering if it was a request from someone no longer here.  Thanks!

Open  Mic Nite – Friday 17th (tomorrow!) at 7:00 in the Parish Hall.

Vestry Meeting – Tues. 21st

I made an error on the first revision of the CEC Directory that went out on the 2nd, and now, thanks to Betsy Egan’s sharp eyes, I made an error on the revision that went out last week on the 9th!  I had Maechi Agbasi as Baechi.  If you print your directory out, please change the B to an M.  I will correct it on the next revision.  Thanks again, Betsy!  And thanks to Annamaria for letting me know about the first error.  I appreciate anyone letting me know if I have typed something wrong!

Have a great weekend!


WW for Sunday 6-19-22

6-19-22 Prayers of the People - Form I

Bulletin-June 19, 2022

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